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About Us | Blossom Therapeutics

Specialists in Child Development

Founded by Jennifer Johnson in 2010, Blossom Therapeutics is a community-style practice of occupational therapists specializing in intervention that supports each unique child and their family.


As a parent, we understand that hearing labels like, autism, ADHD, developmentally delayed, academically delayed, disruptive or picky eater can be daunting and disheartening. That's why the Blossom team specializes in individualized treatment of sensory processing dysfunction that supports not only your child but also you!


Our clinic is housed in a playful, inspiring space so that your child can feel as comfortable as possible when working with our therapists. Our space provides children with a safe, fun place to play and explore.


The Blossom Therapeutics mission is to create favorable conditions under which your child's confidence and self-esteem can grow through our nurturing principles.


It is through this ideology around play and exploration that we find opportunities for sensory integration, motor skill development, and social-emotional growth can occur naturally and positively.

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