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Family Centered Approach

At Blossom Therapeutics, we use the DIR/Floortime model of development, which encompasses the whole family. Our therapists focus on working toward supporting your child's individual needs through our play-based methodology.


The occupation of a child is to play.

Play is how children learn about the world around them and themselves. Through play a child can integrate the information coming in from all of their senses, and in turn make better sense of their world, and thrive. 


Occupational Therapy is a central service at Blossom Therapeutics. Through the use of self-care, work and play activities, our therapists help children increase independent function, enhance development, and prevent disabilities. We follow a "DIR/Floortime model paired with sensory integration inspired methodology to address sensory processing disorder and other developmental and behavioral differences. Our clinic is designed to create a playful environment in which children can comfortably make sense of their day-to-day routines through movement and activity.


Reorganize and unjam.

Blossom Therapeutics uses a sensory-integration inspired approach with your child. This approach centers around creative play and exploration, to guide children in developing a better understanding of themselves and their environment. Our goal is to help your child develop a strong foundation of sensory processing and motor skills to promote self- regulation upon which to grow to their full potential.


Why? Because children become better able to engage in play, regulate their bodies, emotions, attention, and, most importantly, develop a positive sense of self when they fully absorb these skills.


Sensory integration, defined as "the organization of sensation for use. Our senses give us information about the physical conditions or our body and the environment around us. These sensations flow into the brain like streams flowing into a lake. The brain must then organize all of these sensations if a person is to move and learn normally. The brain locates, sorts, and orders sensations-somewhat as a policeman directs moving cars. When the flow of sensations is disorganized, life can be like a rush-hour traffic jam." (A. Jean Ayres, 1979, Sensory Integration and the Child)


Our job, at Blossom Therapeutics, is to help your child reorganize and unjam the flow of information and sensations through their nervous systems.

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